Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Swing

When I was young, there was this little swing that my grandparents had on their deck, and I would swing in it for hours. The hooks for the swing were still up, so Will picked up a swing for Presley. My dad hung it up for Presley (easier said than done), and Presley loved it. When we left, my dad was going to take it down so that it wouldn't be in the way, but my grandfather didn't want him to. He wanted to leave it up because it would make him think of Presley every time he saw it. If that isn't the sweetest thing you have heard all day... Oh I wish we could be closer to them.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break NC 2011

We took a road trip to North Carolina to visit my family for spring break. We had a great time, and Presley was a great travel companion. She just watched movies, played games on her Mobigo, and ate lots of snacks! We had a great week spending time with our family. We cleaned up around my grandparents' house, fished, flew the kite, and just had a fun time being together.
The Smokies. They are beautiful, but I told Nick that I felt like we were driving on Mario Kart. Sharp curves, tunnels, and falling rock. They are sure to cause nausea.

This was Saturday morning as we were leaving the hotel. Presley was excited to see Pa Bud and Grandma Libby.

My dad and Nick went fishing. We went shopping. They had a nice catch, but we brought home more.

Presley would not take her eyes off of that fish. 

My little photographer!

Presley got a great pic of Grandma Libby, and some silly pics of Pa Bud!

Presley never stopped talking on the paddle boat. Ever.

Presley reeling in her fish. Can you see the intensity?

Nick and I went to the store, and brought Presley back this $1.29 kite. It took my dad, Nick, and I to figure it out, but thanks to my dad's training in aerodynamics and rocket science, we got it up. Presley loved it.