Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Zoo!

Yesterday I took a personal day to go to the zoo with Presley and some of the kiddos from her daycare. We had lots of fun! The first picture is of Presley getting her head stuck (really).  After the zoo, we met my mom at the mall and shopped. It was a fun day. I wish everyday could be so fun!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Week...

Saturday Nick was gone to the district track meet, and Presley and I had the day to ourselves.  I texted my friend, Katy, to see if I could stop by her house to give her a baby gift, but she was at the hospital! She and Jacob and big brother Owen welcomed Olivia into the world Saturday morning. I can't wait to see her! I will never forget when I went to see Owen at the hospital (I was due any day) someone asked if I needed a wheelchair! It was really sweet of him. I must have looked like I was struggling.

Presley and I went to a Kelly's Kids party Saturday afternoon with Sara and Lola. I had lots of fun visiting and watching the kids play, beg for food, fight over Barbies, etc. and Presley was too excited to make new friends.  She got upset when we left Sara and Lola at their house because she wanted to go in!

I hoped that Nick would have some time to himself while we were at the party, but the track meet lasted about 4 hours longer than expected so we beat him home.  Here is a picture of Nick in the recliner. He fell asleep before Presley.

We went to church this morning, and Presley wore a dress that my Grandma Libby bought for her.  It is beautiful, and she got so many compliments that we had to fight the child to get the dress off of her.  We finally did, but only because I put another dress on her!  Thanks Grandma for the gorgeous dress! We love it! I will send you some pictures when I get them printed.

After church, Nick decided to wash the cars, and Presley wanted to "help."
Here is Presley eyeing the bucket... Then she turns it over...

Nick sees what she did, and yells, "Presley!"
Presley and I left soon after. We went to the park so that she didn't have to help anymore!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Take it Outside!!

Nick and  have been really busy lately since the school year is winding down.  We had Prom last weekend (we were sponsors- fun, fun), we had Benchmarks this week, the district track meet is tommorrow, EOC exams next week, and so on. We have been coming home, not setting a foot inside the door, and enjoying the weather! It is hard to be stressed out when you are enjoying some BEAUTIFUL weather! Our Azaleas have more flowers than leaves!

Presley and I do girlie things when Nick's not around- like put in velcro rollers and dance around the house!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meeting Dora and Boots

Presley met her new bunnies last Friday when we went to my parents' house.  My dad wanted Nick to come over so they could work on the boat, and I wanted to see my family that was in from North Carolina so we headed to Bryant.  My dad gave Presley the bunnies. Look at that smile!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

My family came to spend Easter with us in Des Arc, and we had a great day.  
Here is Presley with her Easter basket.

Presley in her Easter dress.  She did not want to take it off.  She told everyone that she saw that she was a princess.  When I left her in the nursery, she proclaimed herself a princess, lifted her hands in the air, and spun in circles. When I walked out, she was still spinning.

Presley loves Uncle Will, and he is still holding her in the next photo because she would not let anyone else hold her!

I am so thankful that I got to see my family for Easter!

I like this picture because Presley is looking at the camera. That doesn't happen often!

I set the table after I dusted off my nice dishes and silverware. I actually had to wash the glasses!

The men doing man stuff.  This was my grandfather's old boat that my dad gave to us. We love it, and can't wait to catch some fish!

Presley with Boots the bunny. Payback is fun!

Boots and Dora in the bunny hutch.

Presley pestering taking care of the bunnies.

Presley just had to get in the bunny hutch. My dad built this hutch for a cute and sweet little bunny I bought for Will when I was in college. The bunny passed, but the hutch stayed.  After many years went by and Presley came, my dad thought that she really needed two bunnies.  She told him that she wanted two blue bunnies. My dad told my mom to look for two white bunnies and see if they could dye them blue. That was not so easy, so we are now the proud owners of two Holland Lop bunnies. A male and a female to be exact. It is a little known fact that bunnies can reproduce once a month. Anyone want a bunny? I will have some to give away after I make sure that Will gets a male and a female! ;)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thanks Nana and Papa D!

Presley got an Easter present in the mail yesterday from Nick's parents, and she was super excited! She got a Dora DVD, bubbles, bracelets, a paint book, sidewalk chalk, and a chocolate bunny of course!  The big box to the right is the chocolate. I told Nana Pam that Presley thought that she would eat the whole thing in one sitting! I had to pry it out of her chocolate-covered fingers!