Friday, July 29, 2011

...Girls Trip...

Last Friday we went to stay with my parents so that we could get up early and go to the lake Saturday morning. On the way to DeGray, we had a flat on the trailer! I was glad that there were three men there to fix it, but I got sick to my stomach every time I turned around and saw 18-wheelers speeding toward us at what seemed like 200 mph. We made it to the lake, and it was fabulous! The water felt great, and it was a beautiful day. We docked the boat at Iron Mountain and headed back Sunday morning.

Goofy kid!

Love this picture! Presley had so much fun tubing with her daddy! The ride was cut short because we saw lightning down the lake, and we had to get off the water.

Monday morning Presley and I went to my friend, Teresa's house so that we could take a mini vacay in Little Rock. Teresa has two teenagers, and her daughter and niece were going to be at a culinary camp at the Clinton Library. Instead of driving back and forth all week, she decided to stay at a hotel for a couple of nights and invited Presley and I to come.

On Monday, we shopped at the mall, met a friend of Teresa's for lunch at P.F. Chang's, checked in to the hotel, played on a rabbit, went to the Clinton Library Shop, went to dinner at The Flying Fish, played by the river, and went swimming!

Owling on the rabbit. (Have you heard of owling? How about planking?)

Vertical planking on the rabbit?

The Flying Fish serves kid meals in a boat! Presley loved it!

On Tuesday, we went to the Farmer's Market (LOVE), played at the Splash Park, went to see the Peabody Ducks, checked out the State House, ate lunch at Juanita's, played at the Witt-Stephens Wildlife Center, took a nap, and had dinner at Benihana's, and went swimming (of course)! One of the things that I love about downtown Little Rock is that there is so much free stuff to do! The Farmer's Market, Splash Park, Peabody Ducks (and elevator), State House (they have a playroom), and Witt-Stephens Center are all free!

On Wednesday, we checked out of the hotel, went to Barnes and Noble, ate at Macaroni Grill, watched Cars 2, read books at the downtown library, picked up the girls, and headed home. Presley had so much fun! She cried when I told her that we were going home!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Thursday...

Well, let me backtrack a little...

I had to take a pic of Presley sleeping last night. She really is so sweet when she is sleeping! Presley is very particular about what she sleeps on, her blanket, her stuffed animals, her night light, etc. Last night she had to sleep on her unicorn pillow pet, with her Tangled blanket, and her night light had to be on red, and she slept with only bears. Ever since my mom bought her a blanket with Rapunzel on it, she won't sleep under her sheets.
 We got to be lazy for a couple of hours this morning. Presley watched My Little Pony and played on an iPad. The school bought 10 iPads for me to use in my classroom, and I brought one home to play with. I'm trying to find some good apps to get. Let me know if you know any! Science 360 is my fave right now for school, but my personal fave is Instagram. Presley is playing Dora's Alphabet game, and Strawberry Shortcake.

After we got up, we headed to Little Rock and went to Park Plaza. I invited my mom to come with us because it is so much fun to watch Presley in Build -a-Bear. She gets so excited about everything! Presley decided to get Smurfette.

We shopped at The Gap (as if the girl needs any more clothes), and then we said bye to Nana so that we could go meet Ashley and Cooper at Chili's. After we ate, we went to Firefly Studio to paint pottery. The plate Ashley did turned out so good! Presley painted a dolphin and I made a reindeer plate from Presley's foot. I know that seems crazy in July, but I have wanted to do it for the longest! Cooper was so sweet, and Presley was wild. She didn't break anything, so I would say it was a good day!

Cooper is precious, and Ashley looks so great, but most of all she is a great mom. It seems so natural for her!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

35 mm f1.8

I bought a new lens with some of my bday money, and I could not wait for it to come in! I got home from my workshop today, and Nick and Presley were eating dinner. I couldn't even wait to wipe Presley's mouth before I started taking pics.

Just what I wanted. Sharp foreground, and blurry background. Now, if I can get Presley to look at the camera while we are outside, I might get a good picture (after I practice a LOT more)!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Branson, Part 1

Last weekend we went to Branson for Nick's mom's family reunion. We stayed at Stonebridge resort for 3 nights, and it was beautiful. On Friday, we went to the Butterfly Palace. They had a lot of interactive things for the kids to do. Presley had so much fun hanging out with her cousins, Addison and Peyton!