Monday, March 26, 2012

My Little Girl

We went to the zoo last Tuesday, so I thought that it was ironic yesterday when I read about the zoo sending Mosi, the first gorilla born in the Little Rock, to Chicago. He is five, and he has been getting on his pregnant mother's nerves. I can empathize with that momma!

This four-year-old has been wearing me out! I love her more than words can say. I adore her.
She is busy. She is needy.  She whines. She cries at the drop of a dime to try to get her way. She likes to listen to the Chipmunks. She is overly dramatic.
She makes messes. Big ones, and she whines when I tell her to clean it up for the fifth time.
She makes me laugh. She makes me smile. She brings me joy. She makes me frustrated.
 She wears high heels when she exercises. Ain't it beautiful?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break

Spring break finally came, and warm weather came with it! We have been spending our time outside. We have been fishing twice this week and we had fun at the zoo today!

This is a pic from one day last week. I mixed a drop of food coloring with a cup of water. I made red, blue, and yellow and gave Presley a bunch of empty cups. We made "potions" for the Easter Bunny. We mixed colors to see which new colors we could make. I thought it was a good way to teach Presley about mixing colors and gave her some practice pouring liquids. (It was also free and fun!)

Yes. We live in Arkansas. That is my child barefoot in a boat. She entertained herself by playing with jigs and sticking her feet in the water and eating cheetos.

Presley loves Karson's horse, Sunshine.

You really would think that we live on a farm. This girl loves wide open spaces, boots, and her camo hat.
Our fun day at the zoo.  I love how Presley always wants me to read all the signs. She doesn't like to look at any scary animals like snakes, spiders, or alligators. I swear she doesn't get that from me.