Monday, September 22, 2008

We're still here!

Just a little under the weather... Presley had a double ear infection a few weeks ago, and after her medicine was gone, she still seemed sick. I called the doctor's office to see if someone could just check her ears, but they said she would have to have an appointment. Nick took her to the doctor Thursday but Presley's doc wasn't in so she had to see someone else. They said she had a sinus infection that had moved into her tear duct too. We got oral antibiotics and something for her poor baby eye. Friday they called from daycare and said Presley had fever. I called the doctor's office to tell them, and they said not to worry- the medicine just hasn't had time to work. Well, she ran fever all weekend. It got up to 102.8- I know that is not high in the baby world, but it made Presley feel terrible. I took her to the doctor again this morning, and her right ear was "bulging with puss". UGH! Dr. Blair said that it was way past what oral antibiotics could take care of. So, Presley got a shot, we have to take her tomorrow for another shot, and then Wednesday guessed it...another shot! Scary. The doctor on Thursday said that her ears looked fine!
Last weekend we went to the park. Presley had fun, and I got some cute photos! The pink outfit is from yesterday. She was being goofy, and had snot all over her face! I'm looking forward to getting rid of that stuff!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Growing up

I have not posted in a while because I am just too busy. If I get on the computer these days, it is to get ideas to incorporate into my classroom. Also, I can't even look at my blog from school because it is restricted. Nick is busy with football every evening, and I am busy with Presley. So...that leaves little time for me to update you on all things Presley.
She is getting BIG! She started standing up from the floor on Friday, and Saturday, she took a step. It was a wobbly one, but she is trying. She is getting more hair, but only on the back of her head. She is also starting to enjoy food (finally). She eats yogurt, cheese, chicken, crackers, and begs for whatever is on your plate. Presley got a diaper rash for the first time last week (I quit giving her turkey- which may not be related at all), and she got pink eye for the first time. Here are some pics for you to enjoy!