Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Op

Last Sunday Presley wore a Fancy Nancy dress that my mom bought her.  I had to get some pics of her in it! We even curled her hair like Nancy.  Everyone at church was so impressed with her fancy dress. She will probably want to wear it every week from now on!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Too School for Cool

We started a new school year!  It is my fourth year to teach, but I figure its about my 20th time to have a first day of school.  I have to say the first day is definitely not as exciting as it used to be!  We have been working a lot. Nick is working on his masters degree, and I have had to come up with new lesson plans that use the new technology I have in my classroom this year.

I took Presley to the dentist the first day of school. She did so well, and her teeth looked great! I hope all dentist visits go that well!

Presley has been obsessed with these Squinkies. She calls them Squeaky Squakies, and they get a bath every night.  She likes to line them up, and they all have to be facing the same way.

Some days I look at Presley and I really honestly can't believe she is so big.  When did she get so tall? When did her hair get so long? When did she get so smart? Today was one of those days. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Poor Animals {and Alphie}

I saw that Presley was "fixing" Alphie before dinner. In a very serious and sympathetic voice, she told me that Alphie hurt his touch screen. Poor Guy! He sure is lucky to have Dr. Presley to help him out.

 Tonight as i was cleaning up the living room, I realized that Dr. Presley had a busy day. I plan to ask her in the morning what happened to all of these animals!