Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Presley's First Broken Bone

On May 24th, the day that we got out of school for summer, Presley, Emma, and I decided to go to the library.  We were on the sidewalk in our front yard, and I turned my back to Presley to say something to Nick.  Presley was pushing her bicycle backwards and fell into a very shallow ditch, and she caught herself with her arms.  It happened so fast that I am not sure if the handlebar hit her arm or if it was just the way she landed, but her arm started swelling immediately.  We took her to the clinic for an x-ray and then to Children's Hospital.  She had a splint Friday to Tuesday, then we got a pretty pink cast.

Presley wanted a lime green cast to match her softball team's colors, but they didn't have it anymore. She was fine with pink of course!

Having a cast didn't slow us down too much. We just didn't get to swim or ride bikes or scooters. It didn't stop us from playing in the rain. I bought her a mister so she could play in the water and not get drenched.

Presley had a dance recital the Saturday after she got her cast on. She was so sad because she thought she couldn't dance or play softball, but she was a beautiful dancer!

We went to the Memphis Zoo, had friends over, went to VBS, and had lots of fun even with a broken arm!

We couldn't wait to be cast-free so that we could swim and enjoy the lake. We stopped by Peabody Park after she got the cast off and had so fun fun playing in the water!

 Presley did so good with her cast. She NEVER complained. EVER. I expected it to be the longest 4 weeks, but she was such a trooper.  Everyone told us how nasty it would be and how we wouldn't want to sit by her because it would smell so bad, but that was not the case for us.  She still tries to do everything with her left arm, but we are playing school a lot and I am making her write with her right hand.  Her arm had a lot of dead skin on it, but she stayed in the bathtub for an hour and a half last night so it came off easily. It must have felt so good to put her arm in the water!

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